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Study abroad in the Greek Islands

Fabled throughout the centuries for their beauty, history, inspiration and beaches, there is an island for every taste and purpose. Whether Paros (known in the modern day as the Artist and Writers island), Patmos (where St. John wrote the Apocalypse), Ithaca (home to Odysseus), or Mykonos (jet set destination), with a little research you will find the perfect travel destination you are looking for.
Some are large and offer a diversity if landscape, while others are isolated and easily explored in an afternoon's walking. hopes that the following links will serve to save you from buying endless island guidebooks that so quickly become outdated.
Myconos Island, wild, free and fun
This Freedom Tour site gives clear and accurate information and background details on all the aspect of Myconos.
The Cycladic Islands and Paros! The Island of Art and Culture
The folks at have put together a truly comprehensive site on this inspiring and beautiful island. Birthplace of Archilogos, the classic inventor of lyric poetry.
Santorini and Thira, the Island of Fire
Click here for an assortment of hotels and activities on this historic island, and possible site of the famed Atlantis:
Naturalist Beaches on Crete
A truly legitimate naturalist hotel and beach on the island of Crete. See photos of surroundings and beaches. Plan your trip!
Picture Postcards of Crete
A photo site offering some unique, quality photos.
Pamos Island, Home of the St. John and the Apocylipse
Check out this personalized and friendly, informative site for all the sites and happenings on this famous island
Lindos Village in Rhodes
Take a nice personal look at this lovely village with its classic, sprawling Acropolis and nearby beautiful beaches.
Amorgos the hidden Island
Take a true break from the more populated islands and come visit this gem, a favorite site for study abroad students living on the nearby island of Paros.
The Sporades Islands
Visit this nicely laid out and personalized site for real pictures and information on all the Sporades. Walking tours available.
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