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International study abroad students living and studying in Greece have the opportunity to explore a truly historical and beautiful land. Greece is still one of the most unspoiled and dramatically authentic countries in the European Mediterranean. presents here for modern academic and artistic explorers a range of experiential opportunities and unique destinations that will enlighten their time in Greece and help create a colourful and life-long collection of memories. From the time of Ancient Greece through the Classical and Hellenistic era and up to the present day, the Greek people have welcomed travellers and proudly hosted them in their villages and towns. This tradition of openness and hospitality means that when a student, for example, arrives on a distant Greek island, in the middle in the late evening, most likely he or she will be met by a good natured collection of islanders ready and willing to help them get settled. There are still many islands, and villages on the mainland, where the local families routinely invite travellers into their homes.

International Study Abroad, whether in Greece or other European destinations, is not limited to the Philosophy, Art, or Creative Writing classroom or visiting Classical and Historic Sites: there is always a legitimate opportunity to simply sightsee or relax, take a coffee in an atmospheric café or laze on a golden beach. Most study abroad programs of a semester or full year will schedule a mid-term break so that students can broaden their knowledge of the country, and it is a good idea to be prepared for the intersession vacations. presents here an easy reference resource for students who are coming to Greece to begin to plan their leisure time, targeting those areas which in our experience are the most asked about.
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