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Independent study abroad programs in Greece

Study Abroad in Greece opportunities are not limited to American University and affiliated programs. You may choose to join a program which is independently operated but still offers exciting and worthy study in any number of areas. suggests that you explore these programs, some of which are run through Greek educational institutions and others independently. Many study abroad students in Greece have negotiated significant credit transfer to their home institutions.
Hellenic International Studies in the Arts
Hellenic International Studies in the Arts
Fall/Spring semester, Summer, and Full Year program located on the beautiful artists and writers island of Paros mixing traditional and non-traditional academics with emphasis on tapping each participant's creative and artistic potential. Fields of study include Greek island site visits, literature, classical studies, mythology, creative writing, humanities, civilization/culture, philosophy, film studies, art, photography, drawing, painting, field study, independent study. Accredited courses through Massachusetts College of Art plus independent study with acclaimed visiting artists and writers.
A2Z Languages
Multiple length programs held in various sites. Field of study is Greek language.
Aegean Center for the Fine Arts
Program located on Greek island of Paros (Cyclades). Fields of study include literature, creative writing, singing/voice, art history, photography, drawing, painting, printmaking, independent study, and field study.
Aegean Diving College
3- 7 day programs held during spring, summer, and fall in the Aegean Sea. Fields of study include marine biology and ecology through snorkeling and diving, field survey methods, transect/quadrant and underwater photography.
Aegean Institute
Through field work and classroom sessions, students discover the very significant role of the marine element in the development of Aegean maritime cultures. Participants are able to appreciate and experience the reasons behind the continuous emergence of maritime cultures and civilizations in the Aegean archipelago. Our guest lecturers and staff make presentations on renowned discoveries and prominent marine research projects they have been involved with. Nestled in the heart of the Cyclades, the crossroads of ancient maritime routes linking mainland Greece to Asia Minor, Paros is the perfect setting for this course.

Our aim is to provide an interdisciplinary approach to experiential education that will enable students to appreciate the reasons behind the continuous emergence of maritime civilizations in the Aegean archipelago.

Spring and fall semester programs .
Aegina Island Summer Art School
Our visual arts school based in Athens, organizes for this summer a ten days (1-10 July 2014) art workshop in Aegina island, Greece. Everyone who wishes to begin now his occupation in fine arts or is already engaged in art and wants to evolve and broaden his/her horizons or would just like to combine summer vacation with a pleasant occupation is welcome. Aegina island, one hour by boat from Piraeus and Athens, offers many sights of natural, architectural and historical interest to study, draw and paint. Outdoor and indoor work will give you the possibility to practice your skills in drawing and painting, exploring and enjoying this beautiful island.
American College of Greece
Multiple length programs held in Athens. Fields of study include Arts and Sciences, business, MBA. Accredited by The New England Association of Schools.
American College of Thessaloniki
Academic year program in Thessaloniki. Fields of study include art/fine arts, art history, architecture, foreign (non-English) languages, literature, cultural/regional studies, philosophy.
American Educational Services
Offers several programs in Greece such as Study Abroad in Athens, study tours of Greece, and the Legacy of Greece - a travel program for youth to explore their Greek Heritage.
Ariadne Institute
Short-term (14-day) program (Goddess Pilgrimage to Crete and Sacred Journey) held in fall, spring, and summer held on islands of Crete and Lesvos. Field of study is exploring ancient cultures through the language of the Goddess. Academic credit optional.
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, School of Modern Greek Language
Summer Greek Language programs located in Thessaloniki.
Art School of the Aegean
Summer program held on island of Samos. Fields of study include landscape painting, ceramics, photography, sculpture.
ARTIS-Art Research Tours and International Studios
Summer, 2-4 weeks programs in Athens. Fields of study include art history, photography, drawing, field study.
Artists on the Move
Summer program held on island of Paros. Field of study includes painting, drawing, printmaking.
Athens Centre
Year-round, 3-10 week program lengths held in Athens. Field of study is Greek language. More summer programs located in Athens, including Greek/Hellenic studies, acting, singing/voice, poetry, Greek language, drama/theater.
California Institute of Integral Studies
Short-term, 4-6 week courses held in various locations in Greece, hosted by Ariadne Institute. Fields of study include independent study (Goddess Pilgrimage to Crete), written composition, women's studies, music, art, field study.
CELT Athens
Academic year, fall, summer programs held in Athens. Field of study is modern Greek language.
College Year In Athens
Offering two tracks of study: The Ancient Greek Civilization and The East Mediterranean Area Studies. Also various intensive summer programs, 2-6 weeks in length. Courses include Greek language, Greek/Hellenic studies, Humanities, Archaeology, History, Field Study, Classical studies, Mythology, and Religion/theology.
FirstStep World
Summer program held in Athens. Field of study is Greek language.
Foreign Language Study Abroad Service
Multiple length programs held year-round located in Athens, Crete, and Rhodes. Hosted by Hellenic Language School Alexander the Great. Credit offered by University of Southern Mississippi.
Fund for American Studies - International Institute for Political and Economic Studies, Greece
Summer 3 week program held at various sites in Greece. Hosted by Greek Assn for Atlantic and European Cooperation. Fields of study include business/management, conflict studies, political science/politics, economics, international relations. Credit offered by Georgetown University.
Global Learning Semesters, Inc.
Fall and spring semesters and summer program held in Nicosia, Cyrus. Fields of study include geography, history, human resource management, information systems, international relations, interdisciplinary, humanities, international studies, liberal arts (misc. A & S), mathematics, political science, politics, pre-med, social sciences, sociology, technology.
Greek House
Year-round programs held in Athens. Fields of study include Greek language, Greek cooking, dance, history, art history, mythology, Byzantine music.
Hellenic Cultural Centre
Multiple programs lengths held throughout the year on island of Samos, Ikaria and Athens. Fields of study include Greek language, legal terminology and interpreters courses, literature, teacher's training seminars, dance.
Island Center for the Arts
Summer 2 week program held on Skopelos Island. Fields of study include painting, photography, and book arts.
ITHAKA Cultural Study Program in Greece
Fall, spring semesters and full-year program held on Crete. Fields of study include agricultural economics, agricultural sciences and agronomy, architecture, cultural/regional studies, art history, family and home science, art/fine arts, theater, drama, performing arts, dance, English literature, education, foreign (non-English) languages and literature, history, humanities, international relations, comparative literature, political science, politics, philosophy, religious studies, social sciences, archaeology.
Language Courses Abroad
Greek language schools located in Athens, Thessaloniki and Crete. Wide range of courses run throughout the year.
Language Liaison
Multiple length year-round programs held in Athens and Crete. Fields of study are Greek language, civilization/culture, homestay.
Languages Abroad
Multiple length programs throughout the year held in Athens. Field of study is Greek language.
Lexis-Greek Language and Culture Centre
Intensive program (May-Oct) and regular program (October-April) held in Hania. Fields of study include Greek language and cultural seminars.
Lingua Service Worldwide
1 week to 1 year, year-round total immersion/intensive language and culture in Athens and Crete. Hosted by Hellenic Language School Alexander the Great. Fields of study include Greek/Hellenic studies, Greek language, Greek language (ancient), civilization/culture, homestay.
Nine Muses Greek Language School
Winter and summer programs held in Athens and Evia. Field of study is Greek language.
Octopus Sea Trips
Spring, summer, and fall short-term programs held on island of Paros. Fields of study ecology and biology of marine invertebrates, field study, marine ecology, underwater archaeology.
Omilo Language Holidays in Greece
Year-round courses and intensive programs held in various sites. Field of study is modern Greek language and Greek culture.
Piperis Language Centre
Year-round programs held in Larissa, Leptakaria, and Agiokambos. Fields of study include Modern Greek language, mythology, Greek culture and cuisine.
School for International Training
Semester abroad programs based on the island of Lesvos. Course work includes history and politics, geography and environment, cultural anthropology, arts, archaeology, and educational excursions.
Tao's Center
Tao's Center ( is a Meditation & Retreats Center on the Island of Paros. Besides our weekly schedule, workshops and seminars, we offer a Work & Study program, a long-term staying for the purpose of self-development while taking part in the center daily life & work. You can check the program details on our website.
The American School of Classical Studies at Athens
Post-Bachelor's degree and graduate students. Fields of study include architecture, Greek/Hellenic studies, Mediterranean studies, classical languages, Greek language (ancient), classical studies, mythology, humanities, philosophy, archaeology, anthropology, prehistoric studies, paleontology, art history, sculpture, literature, history.
The Linguistic Lab
Summer program held in Xylokastro and Corinthia. Field of study Greek language. Host family and travel.
The Skopelos Foundation for the Arts
Year round programs held on island of Skopelos. Fields of study include printmaking, screenprinting, painting, ceramics, sculpture.
Writing Workshops in Greece
Writing Workshops in Greece will host a fourth year of workshops in Thessaloniki and the island of Thasos. Workshops include poetry with Carolyn Forché, travel & food writing with Christopher Bakken, and prose with Natalie Bakopoulos. Once again, Joanna Eleftheriou will offer afternoon sessions exploring Greek language, music, and culture. We offer several options for workshop participation, with durations of either two weeks or one month.
Youth for Understanding
Full-year, semester, and summer programs located in various sites for high school students and recent HS graduates. Fields of study include archaeology, culture, high school program, history, intensive language. Participants live with host families. College credit can be earned.
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