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Study Abroad Programs in Greece

The links on this page will lead you to a variety of Study Abroad Programs opportunities in Greece. We have carefully selected only those programs which provide full-service websites with complete information about program location, offerings, fees, and so forth.
We advise students to go directly to the website and read through its presentation with care in order to understand as fully as possible the nature of the program they are considering.

The American University Programs (including those which are sponsored or affiliated) offer accredited courses and financial aid transfer. The list compiled here by represents those which are well-known and with a proven history of reliability.

Major International Study Abroad Consortia represents study abroad opportunities in both Greece and worldwide.

Independent Study Abroad lists programs which may or may not be affiliated with higher education institutions, but which can offer interesting alternatives and a rewarding academic experience.

Cultural, Site, and Environmental Programs lists opportunities for experiencing the richness of Greece, Europe's most unspoiled study abroad destination.
Hellenic International Studies in the Arts
Hellenic International Studies in the Arts
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