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Academic Credit
For most study abroad students, getting academic credit for their work abroad is of primary importance. There need not be any conflict between experiencing a life-enhancing semester or year in another country and furthering your educational goals at your home institution. But credit transfer can sometimes seem daunting at first if one does not know the proper procedures, and nothing can be more disheartening than to spend months of study in a program in a foreign country only to discover that one's college will not accept credit for the work done.
Studyabroadgreece has thus undertaken a monitoring of all programs listed in its pages to try to ensure that they present themselves honestly and openly, especially when it comes to the subject of whether or not they are accredited, what their university affiliations are, and history of credit transfers.

In order to aid prospective study abroad students in making the proper choice in deciding which program in Greece to attend, we offer the following:

Step 1. Be sure that when you research the program/s you are considering you understand whether they carry accreditation or not, and if so, how that accreditation works.

Step 2. Present your choice to your Study Abroad Office, asking them to visit the program's website and contact the program directors if needed to clear up any questions concerning transfer of credit.

Step 3. Ask whether transcripts come from the program itself or through another affiliated party, and whether, as is often the case, there is a charge for the transcript - this is not unusual as there are many different routes through which transfer of credit is made from abroad, but you simply want to make sure it is not a hidden cost and that the program you are considering is up-front in explaining things to you.

Step 4. Meet with your advisor and/or individual professors or Department Heads to make sure that the courses you want to take will fulfil academic requirements at your school.

Step 5. Get approval for the program you have decided to attend from your college in advance and in writing.
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