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Museums in Greece

Greek museums - Museums in Greece for study abroad students

Greek museums offer such a wealth and diversity of cultural experience for the study abroad student that it is possible to spend a study abroad semester doing little else but visiting them with your camera, sketchbook, or notepad.
They are not only places to view the past as well as the present arts of this outstanding country, but also, in keeping with Greek culture and its tradition of social interaction and getting to know visitors the perfect milieus for meeting both the locals and foreigners who have come here for many of the same reasons that you have. One does not wander in a lonely world in Greece, but feels rather a part of an ongoing human theatre whose backdrop has been sculpted, painted and designed over the course of four thousand artistic years.
Hellenic Ministry of Culture
Index to museums, archeological sites, and monuments under the Ministry's management
National Archeological Museum of Athens
It is the most important archaeological museum in Greece and one of the richest in the ancient Greek art. Its collections are representative of all the cultures that flourished in Greece.
Alphabetical List of Greek Museums
A handy way to search for museums in Greece by name or place
Naval and Maritime Museums
A useful checklist for museums under this category located around the country
One of our favorite sites for information about exploring Greece, you can find a easy way to access museum information for every place you are interested in visiting.
Pictures and resources of Ancient Greek art from the major archaeological museums of Greece
Museums of Macedonia
A loving-compiled virtual tour of all the museums of Macedonia
Takes you easily and quickly to the best museums in Athens, the Mainland, and the Greek Islands.
Byzantine Museums and Collections
A very useful listing of museums in this category throughout Greece.
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