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Greek mythology, Greek Gods and Studying abroad in Greece

Classical Greek mythology is so central to Western education, literature and art that each of us is probably much more knowledgeable about the subject than we are aware.
But what better place to bring this awareness into conscious appreciation than the land where the Gods were born, became humanized, and lent their natures to an archetypal patterning of thought and dream that captures the imagination of the most jaded modern sophisticate. You can refamiliarize yourself with the subject by visiting some of the linked site presented here: an appropriate preface to your study abroad in Greece experience.
Images of Women in Ancient Art
A particularly interesting and thorough site for study abroad students and others who are researching the topic
The Olympian Gods
Classcial Myths homepage listed texts and Images of the most important Greek gods and goddesses
Mythography/Greek Gods and Goddesses in Myth and Art
Background on Olympians, Titans, Chthonians and Spirits who do not fit easily into these categories
Information on all subjects of Greek Mythology, including classical literature
Encyclopedia Mythica: Greek Mythology
Lists in handy alphabetical order the names of virtually all characters in Greek mythology with an article and related links for each one
Metropolitan Museum of Art/Special Topics
Greek Gods and Religious Practices
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